The 25 Boron Letters PDF – A Gift For Copywriters And A Life Journal For All

boron letters

This gift from Boron will change your life
But only if you put it to good use….

For those who do not know, Boron was a Federal Prison Camp in California, USA. (FPCB) as it was called was a relatively interesting prison because of its near lack of security. The warden and local papers repeatedly boasted about the lack of escapees, while admitting that most inmates were white collar criminals who would rather play tennis and get a college education than face capture and transfer to a “real prison.”

By now I’m sure you are wondering what could be of valuable from a prison, But do not underrate because the letters were and its still the most famous thing ever written for the copy community and the world if you ask me.

Also you are thinking why make it a gift if it’s so live changing? Yes it’s a gift because I decided to give you for free not minding the the time and resources I put into making it easier, accessible and fun for you to read.

The first clue has been shown. I hear you saying ohhh it’s something I have to read. No, it’s not another ebook telling you how to live your life – I’m very sure you are doing great with that already!

Yes it’s an ebook that will make you rich by the practical implementation of all that’s written in it.

I should state categorically that I didn’t write the letters. But they are so famous and wanted that I decided to make it easy to lay hands on them by making them into en ebook.

Ohhh my 😲🙈, I’m a loose mouth; just dropped another clue!

How do I know you need this book? Let me tell you a short story…. Sometimes ago, during a moment of sober reflection ; those times you just sit down and think about your age and what you have been doing with your life – I decided to try something new like learning a new skill. Payable skill as the gurus will say. I had come across copywriting a few weeks back but didn’t pay kind to it. So I decided to check it out.

Like you would too, I fired up my laptop and googled copywriting. Amidst all the matches I got a more standard idea of what it meant and the nedd for it..

Seeing they say is believing so i switched tabs to YouTube to check the buzz. Here is where it gets interesting! after an hour of getting distracted with funny clips and rich lifestyles of the Arabs, I hit a channel of that boss in a Bentley – the one that has done so well “closing in print”. He talked about the 2 famous resource that a good copywriter needs. You would need to ask me for the other lol

Would you believe that getting those 2 items were very easy. So easy that you wouldn’t be reading this if the one I made into this ebook wasn’t just links scattered into 25 different places!

So much work to do that the faint hearted would probably quit halfway due to having to click on links but ….

Lessons from the Boron Gift.

  1. You will learn ways to keep fit and maintain good health
  2. It will teach you how to maintain personal relationship with people and most importantly your family.
  3. . The best part is where it teaches the powerful skill of advertising in print.
  4. Many other stuffs that will blow your mind

The book will teach you everything you need to know about getting people you don’t know to buy from you even without a face to face meeting. Dan was right, closing in print is the simplest way to express it!

Now that I spilled it all, let’s leave the cat to run away since it’s out the bag. I MADE THE 25 LETTERS BY GARY C HARLBERT IN THE BORON PRISON INTO AN EBOOK.

Yes, I took the pain of clicking all the links, editing it to the best I could, making the fonts better and readable…. and made it into one pdf you could take with you everywhere you go! ALL FOR YOU AT ZERO COST!!!

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Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Thank you.
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